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Show up. Sweat.

I believe in the power and magic that happens on your yoga mat. I work hard at creating a practice and a space that seeks to challenge you - but there’s always a spirit of playfulness and inspiration to help deepen your practice, too. I am a firm believer in showing up, sweating, and shining! 

Why is SDY Good For You?

Boutique Power Yoga

SDY is catered to you. Each class has a limited number of spots, so that I can write each class  tailored to student's abilities and progress. Space is reserved and limited. Contact me if you're interested in joining

No Contracts - Pay As You Go

Each class can be paid for with a drop in fee OR buy class passes. Either way, no contracts to break and no monthly autodrafts

Infrared Heat

My yoga studio is the only infrared studio within 30 miles. Infrared has many benefits such as increasing flexibility, burning calories, healing injuries, and more

Physical & Mental Practice

Each time you show up to your mat, you will not only reap the benefits physically, but mentally, as well. By moving the body with our breath and turning inward, you'll leave your mat centered and ready to go back into the world. 


SDY On Demand

Coming Soon...

Practice Anytime. Anywhere.

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